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Please consider submitting your work (paper) for presentation considering the range of conference tracks where you should seek to place your work (paper).

1. Cutting edge research in tourism and leisure studies

  • Interdisciplinary studies in tourism and leisure
  • Advances in empirical or theoretical studies in tourism disciplines: sociology, anthropology, geography, etc.
  • Towards new integrative conceptions in tourism and leisure domains
  • Comparative studies  of tourism and/or leisure
  • Bridging the gap between education and industry needs
  • Emerging issues in travel and tourism education and training

2. Tourism policy, regional development and planning

  • Tourism Development, Tourism Policy and Planning
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Tourism
  • Monitoring and Management of Tourism Development
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment for Tourism Planning
  • EU Policy and Tourism
  • Tourism and Globalization
  • Urban planning and tourism
  • Tourism and Regional Development
  • Tourism Mobility and Urban Space

3. Sustainable tourism development

  • Community responses to tourists and tourism
  • Economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts of tourism
  • Instruments and indicators for more sustainable tourism
  • Global change and tourism: sociocultural issues
  • Climate changes and tourism
  • Assessment tools for tourism evaluation
  • Tourism accreditation and certification
  • Ecotourism certification
  • Urban sustainability and tourism
  • Renewable energy and tourism
  • Hotel and restaurants energy solutions
  • Responsible tourism and ethical tourism
  • Coastal sustainable tourism
  • Tourism and Biodiversity protection
  • Innovation patterns in sustainable tourism

4. Tourism and hotel management

  • Tourism development and finance
  • Best practices in hospitality and tourism management
  • Global economy and tourism
  • Managing human resources in hospitality and tourism
  • Strategic management in Tourism
  • Tourism Innovation and Creativity
  • Tourism Destination Competitiveness
  • Hotel services management
  • Hotel service technology management
  • Food and beverage management
  • Rest and relaxing management
  • Hotel accounting and efficacy
  • Logistics and Transports
  • Technology and its Impact on Quality
  • Quality management in tourism

5. Tourism marketing

  • Best practices in tourism marketing
  • Tourism market strategy
  • Tourism destination image
  • Branding destinations
  • Branding tourism products
  • Consumer behavior in Tourism
  • Lifestyles and tourism segmentation
  • Communication in tourism
  • Tourist information services
  • Tourist brands and consumer loyalty
  • Consumer loyalty and quality
  • ICT in tourism
  • eStrategy and eBusiness models
  • Internet marketing
  • Web 3.0
  • Mobile services
  • Website design and evaluation
  • Advanced distribution systems

6. Cultural tourism, cultural heritage and social dynamics

  • The commoditization of culture
  • Tourism and cultural industry
  • Historical events as tourist attractions
  • Relationship between natural and cultural resources
  • Heritage management
  • Conservation methods in tourism
  • Heritage interpretation
  • Thematic routes
  • Cultural policy and tourism planning
  • Tourism and the framing of national cultures
  • Tourism and cultural heritage
  • Tourism and community culture
  • Cultural issues (festivals, art, rituals, traditions) and tourism
  • Tourism and cultural change
  • Tourism and new urban culture
  • Cultural tourism in rural areas

7. Special interests tourism

  • New Tourism Products
  • Sport Tourism
  • Mountain tourism
  • Events Tourism
  • Cruise Tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Rural tourism
  • Agritourism
  • Hunting tourism
  • Gaming and entertainment industries
  • Nature tourism
  • Religious Tourism
  • MICE
  • Golf
  • Wellness tourism
  • Wine tourism
  • Gastronomy
  • Fish tourism
  • Adventure tourism
  • Any other kind of special interests tourism

All submitted papers must represent original research that has not been presented in other conferences or published in any journal.


  • Keynote Speakers



Dimitrios Buhalis

Presentation of the conference

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis is a Strategic Management and Marketing expert with specialisation in Technology and Tourism. He is Established Chair in Tourism and Deputy Director of the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research (ICTHR) Director of the eTourismLab and Director of the John Kent Institute in Tourism at the School of Tourism,  Bournemouth University and Professorial Observer at the Bournemouth University Senate. Professor Buhalis is leading eTourism research and is working with the Bournemouth team for introducing technology in all aspects of tourism research and teaching. In 2009 he led Bournemouth University successfully through the UNWTO.TedQual Certification Process and is the BU representative to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. In recognition of his contribution, he was elected in August 2009, as a member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism. In April 2010, Dimitrios was elected President of International Federation for Information Technologies in Travel and Tourism (IFITT).

Alexis Papathanassis

Since 2005, Dr Alexis Papathanassis is a Professor for Cruise Management and e-Tourism at the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences. Alexis is Dean of Studies for the Faculty of Economics and Business, Co-Director of the Institute for Maritime Tourism and Co-founder of the Cruise Research Society.  He is also visiting Professor at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and the Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, and a member of the German Tourism Research Society.

Carlos Costa

Carlos Costa is Full Professor at the University of Aveiro (Portugal) and Editor of the Portuguese Tourism & Development Journal. He is also the leader of the Tourism Research Group in this University. He holds a PhD and MSc on Tourism Management (University of Surrey, UK), and a BSc on Urban and regional Planning (University of Aveiro). Carlos is the technical and scientific coordinator of the spin-off company idtour that relies on a vast network of national and international researchers, scholars and professionals from the several scientific areas of tourism. He has published many books and articles, mainly on the subjects of Tourism Planning and Tourism Management.

Antonio Magliulo 

Presentation of the conference

Antonio Magliulo is Full Professor of History of Economic Thought and Professor of Tourism Economics at the Rome University of International Studies. He is Dean of the Faculty of Economics and takes part in the Editorial Board of “Rivista di scienze del turismo” and “History of economic thought and policy”. He is member of the Italian Society for Tourism Sciences (SISTUR) and of the Academic Committee of NECSTouR (Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism): he has been President of the Academic Committee from June 2010 to May 2012


Francisco Dias

Presentation of the conference

Francisco Dias holds a PhD degree in Tourism Science from the University of Perpignan, France. After his first master degree in Neuropsycology by the Moscow State University (MGU), he concluded a second Master degree in Social Psycology at the Oporto University. He is Associate Professor of the School Tourism and Maritime Technology at the IPLeiria – the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal), and member of GITUR – Tourism Research Unit of the IPLeiria. As Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation he has contributed to the improvement of tourism research networking. As visiting professor, he collaborates in the post-graduation in Branding & Business at the University College of UNIVATES, in Lajeado, Brazil. He is also director of International Tourism Film Festival, and chairman of International Conference on Cinema and Tourism. His research interests are vast, ranging from the field of tourism branding and film tourism to research methodology and epistemology of tourism sciences.


Lóránt Dávid

Presentation of the conference

Dr Lóránt Dávid was born in Hungary, graduated in History, Geography, European Studies and Tourism. He is a college professor in Tourism at Károly Róbert College, Gyöngyös, and a Honorary Associate Professor at Szent István University, Gödöllő in Hungary. He obtained the title of ‘Jean Monnet Professor’ in 2008. He has longstanding teaching, publication and research interests in tourism, regional development and environmental studies. He did habilitation in Management and Business Administration and Environmental Sciences as well. More recently he has been undertaking research on tourism management. He is the author and editor of over 10 books as well as over 250 articles and book chapters and has been active in a number of international research and teaching associations. He has been teaching as ‘Visiting Professor’ in Poland, Canada, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Kazakhstan, Russia, India and Egypt.

Sofia Eurico

Presentation of the conference

Sofia Eurico held the PhD degree in Tourism – University of Algarve (Portugal). She is coordinator of the Tourism degree at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and associate member  of the Tourism Research Group (GITUR). She is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation and coordinates the work group – Employability for ESTM (School of Tourism and Maritime Technology). Her specific research interests include Tourism Higher Education; Employability; Sustainability and Environmental Ethics

Ewa Dziedzic

Presentation of the conference

Ewa Barbara Dziedzic, PhD, associate professor of Warsaw School of Economics SGH, the head of the Chair of Tourism in that university. Graduated and got degrees in SGH developing and defending theses on economic aspects of tourism. In her research she focuses on tourism impacts on destinations, competitiveness of tourism economy and marketing research in tourism. She took part in the pioneer task force preparing the implementation of the methodology of the Tourism Satellite Account in Poland and later headed teams responsible for its compilation. She has been collaborating with the public sector bodies responsible for tourism taking part in task forces working on the improvements in the system of monitoring tourism development in Poland.